The Happiness Formula

Published February 25, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks
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This morning upon waking my first thought was “the happiness formula”.  I believe I was being instructed to get up and take a look at how I was coming along as far as the happiness formula was concerned.  It’s been no secret that I have been a little unhappy lately.  I have been struggling to be positive, where before it seemed to come natural to me.

I mean I have struggled most of my life to be positive until last year when I made some minor changes that allowed me to have an entire year of nothing but happiness and positiveness.   So, this morning when I woke up with this thought rolling around in my mind, I knew right away that I had to re-evaluate this formula and how I rate at this moment in my life.

Below is the actual scientific formula for happiness that I picked up from Deepak Chopra’s book What Are You Hungry For?

Happiness is the goal of all other goals.  Everything we do in life is to achieve happiness.

The Happiness Formula; H = S + C + V

Happiness=Set point in the brain+Conditions of living+Voluntary choices

Set point in the brain which determines how naturally happy you are  is equal to 40%-50% of our overall happiness

Conditions of living which is how we live and what we have is equal only to 7%-12% of our overall happiness

Voluntary Choices refers to how we spend our time.  How we relate to others.  What kind of entertainment we choose, and out choices about exercise, nutrition and so on. is equal to 40%-50% of our overall happiness

If I am honest I can see, first of all, that my conditions of living are just fine.  Nothing there has changed, and if they have, they have only improved.  I am very happy with my home, my car, and all of my possessions for that matter.  Secondly, my set point in the brain is pretty good.  I am naturally a happy person.  So the problem must lie in the last portion of the formula, my voluntary choices.

For the past couple of weeks I have not been relating well others because my mind-set has been busy trying to force myself to be something I am not.  I have been under great pressure to be perfect, meaning I was trying to eat perfect which only caused me to fail.  My choices on nutrition were good but only sporadically.  I would do wonderfully for a few days and then binge for a day.

I had zero entertainment.  Where in the past I loved to learn new things, this past couple of weeks all of my attention was on what I was eating and what I was doing wrong.  I was still exercising, but my attitude while doing so stunk.  I pissed and moaned through the entire thing, silently of course.  My attitude about everything I once loved turned sour.  I guess that is what being self-aware is all about.  We fall so we can learn.

These last couple of weeks has taught me a great deal about myself.  From now on if I am put in a situation that doesn’t work for me, I am going to nip it in the bud right away.  I am no longer going to try to conform with what someone else tells me I should be.  I am me.  I am unique.  There is only one Michele, and she can only be what she knows in her heart to be.  For so many years I tried to live the life I thought others wanted for me.  I cannot do that anymore.  It is like living a lie, and I am not willing to live a lie any longer.

I am ready to live my daily life, not to lose weight and be thin, but to be fulfilled in every aspect.  I am going to eat right because it supports my happiness, I am going to workout because it supports my happiness, and I am going to learn because it supports my happiness.

End of story.  It’s all about what moves us toward happiness.  Remember happiness is not a destination, it’s a journey.  🙂


5 comments on “The Happiness Formula

  • There’s no point being a perfectly toned stunningly beautiful person on the outside if you’re miserable on the inside. Happiness definitely trumps looks. I love your formula. Think I’ll need to read the book to really understand it though.

  • When getting inspiration from others we often lose sight of ourselves. Particularly we allow the inspiration to be the image of ourself and then get discouraged because it is impossible to achieve.

    The race is always against the old you. The race is to be the Better You and is won when you say that you have crossed the finish line. Keep heading to that line!

    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

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