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Being a Part of the Ripple Effect

Published March 31, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

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After posting yesterdays blog Just a Little Writer’s Therapy it became glaringly apparent that the entire blog was written from my ego’s perspective.  My ego was hurt because it was unable to get its point across during a conversation with family about, wait for it….. religion.  I was obviously asking something from someone, that they were unable to give.  I do know, however, that I wasn’t trying to be superior in my opinions, I was only trying to gain a mutual sense of respect for our differences.

After watching Super Soul Sunday with Eckhart and Oprah yesterday, I realized that we can only take responsibility for our own awakening our own level of consciousness.  If we can be present with people who seem to be, in our opinion, deeply unconscious, and living in the grips of the ego, we can help them find a small crack to let the light in which, in turn, can start their own awakening process.  That’s it, simply being present will bring out the presents in someone else.

I am so new to all of this, but I truly believe that each and every one of us can help someone else awaken through our own awakening.  In our own transformation, we may be able to bring about a transformation in those around us, kind of like the ripple effect when dropping a pebble into a stream.  I can only say that I am happy with the way I handled the situation because I did not force my thoughts on anyone.  It is not weakness to walk away.  It is actually the ego’s need to defend, therefore, by not doing so, I was able to operate more from a state of consciousness.

I do not have to make other’s think the way that I think, I only have to respect the diverseness of the world and listen with consciousness.  It is in this way that I will be able to contribute the greater good of humanity.  I don’t know for certain what my purpose in my life is, I can only say that I feel strongly that learning and growing into the best person I can be and in turn sharing my lessons through the written word has to be part of it, because It is in doing so that I feel most alive.

May you all have a blessed day and  be a blessing to others.



Just a Little Writer’s Therapy

Published March 30, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

I have to get this off my chest.  I mean, if I can’t rant here, then where?  Have you ever wanted someone to simply understand and respect your point of view, only to have their point of view crammed down your throat?  How hard is it for people to have a mutual respect for differences?  I get that we all can’t agree all of the time.  I completely respect the fact that people will worship the way they see fit, but is it too much to ask to have that same respect and understanding returned?  I actually find myself agreeing or going along to lessen the conflict.  It’s not worth it to me to stand up for what I believe in when what I believe in is simply love, compassion and a respect for differences.

SpiritualityI don’t read the bible, nor do I go to church.  I spent six years in catholic school as a child and I cherish those memories.  I have a wonderful, personal relationship with God but I can’t say with certainty that I believe every story in the bible.  I know how stories go and these have been translated so many times that I cannot be 100% sure that they are true.  Does it really matter if I believe the stories in the bible?  I practice spirituality not religion.  Most of the bible is filled with violence and persecution, while my God is filled with love and compassion.  The two don’t mesh well for me.

I don’t calculate sins or point them out in those around me.  I don’t see people as lesser than I, if they choose to fall in love with someone of the same-sex.  I don’t look down on people who divorce or fall in love with someone outside of their marriage.  Why?  Because it is not my concern.  It is non of my business.  I can’t know the circumstances of their decisions and I don’t need to.  God loves us in spite of our short comings.  He knows every mistake we will make before we make it and we are forgiven in the same way.

Simply being a part of a church and reading the bible is not going to make you better than anyone else.  We are all God’s children.  No one is better than the other.  We are all damaged in our own way and we make our choices based on that damage.  If we are to live a God realized life, shouldn’t we, not only see ourselves in all people but find love for them as well?  Isn’t that what God would want?

I know that people can only give you what they’ve got, and that I should not take it personally if they cannot see my side of things or do not want to but it seems that this happens more in family than it does with strangers or acquaintances.  I wonder why that is?  Why family is not as accepting as we would like.  It makes it difficult.  If I were to be honest here, I would have to say that I worry more about what my family thinks of me than anyone in the world and they judge me the most.

I would love to say that when visiting my family, this subject is off the table, but I can’t.  It is a passion for certain family members, so from now on I will listen and respect their need to express it.  I will save my point of view for you all here.  I have always found it easier to state my thoughts and feelings through words on a page anyway.

I hope you all have a fabulous Sunday.  Be blessed and stay warm.  ☺




Published March 29, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Today I intend to practice being present.  I want to take the time to feel the aliveness of my body.  Since I have learned recently that my ego is primarily identified with my body, I am bound and determined to break free of it.  I am not my body.  I am my soul.  I am pure potentiality.  I am infinite possibilities.  I am bliss, joy, peace and love.  My body is only the form in which I travel.  This is not to say that it is any less important to eat healthy and exercise.  Actually, it is even more important to do these things, because we must do what is necessary to get the most out of the form that God has given us.

Well, I am off to visit my mama for a few hours, then it’s home to do some house work and meal prep.  I got a feeling today is going to be an awesome day.  It’s kind of gloomy and we are supposed to get rain but that’s OK, because the rain will melt away the snow which will allow the grass to peak through.  I am so excited to see the rebirth of nature happening.  I can feel the aliveness of the world outside.  I have never been so ready for something in my life.  Nature here I come.  I simply love the change of the seasons.



The Ego’s Identification with Form

Published March 27, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

I just finished chapter three in A New Earth and I have to say I could almost highlight the entire chapter.  This chapter being all about the identification with form has been such an eye opener for me.

I am not so much identified with things, as I am with my body.  Thankfully Eckhart has given a great technique to break the entanglement with the identification with the outer body.

It is so simple, all that has to been done is to feel the aliveness of the inner body.  First feel it in your hands, then your feet, then gradually throughout you limbs, torso and head, ultimately feeling the aliveness of the entire body.

After doing this only one time I can now sit here while writing and feel it without even trying.  Doing this simply exercise is a great way to not only break the identification between the outer body and the ego but it also strengthens the immune system allowing the body to heal itself, who wouldn’t want that.

I am absolutely excited to sit with Eckhart and Oprah on Sunday while they talk about this chapter.  I have come away with great insight, but I am sure to get even more out of it after hearing what they both have to say about it.


A Message from a Dream

Published March 26, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

the_four_agreementsI woke up this morning with The Four Agreements on my mind.  Being that I have been working with my ego these past few days, I know that these agreements are something I have to keep in mind.  My ego tends to want to make assumptions and take things personally.  I guess I have been feeling that certain people’s lack of communication with  me may be something that I did.  However, this morning I have come to realize that even if that were true, I am not a mind reader, if someone is unwilling to share their feelings with me, there is nothing I can do to help the situation or to change it.

The only thing that I can do is go about my life and try my hardest to follow The Four Agreements.  I remember when I read this book.  It was so profound to me at the time.  Sometimes we need gentle reminders of the great lessons we have learned in life.  I am not sure what I dreamed last night but I do know that before going to sleep I asked for a message or a lesson and when I woke this morning this is what came forward, a reminder to live the Four Agreements and everything will be just fine.

So, I shall take the time to remember to be impeccable with my word, I will try very hard not to take things personally, I will not make assumptions, and I will always do my best.  Thank you Don Miguel Ruiz for the wonderful and enlightening life lessons.


Chicken Pizza

Published March 25, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks


Chicken Pizza is so amazing and easy to make

1 Whole Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast pounded flat

Chopped: Mushroom, Onion, Green Pepper, Black Olives (or any of your favorite pizza toppings)

1/4 Cup Fat-Free Mozzarella

In a frying pan or on the grill Cook chicken breast fully on both sides.  Season to taste.  I prefer to use a spicy chicken seasoning, garlic and teaspoon coconut oil .  Remove from pan, place in baking dish and set aside.

Next add your veggies to frying pan with a teaspoon of Coconut oil and cook until desired consistency.

When veggies are done place on top of chicken, along with black olives, fat-free mozzarella.  Sprinkle with reduced-fat Parmesan, salt and pepper.

Bake for 8 minutes on 375 degrees until cheese is melted.

Makes 2 servings.  Approximately 250 Calories a serving.


Being Present is Quite Entertaining

Published March 25, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

This next chapter; Ego: The Current State of Humanity in the book A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle is all about the content and the structure of the ego.  The more I learn about the ego the more I am able to recognize it within myself.  Yesterday, I realized that as much as I try not to take offense when someone shows me up, proves me wrong, or calls me out on a mistake, I still do it.  I caught myself first thing yesterday morning becoming defensive (internally, of course) when a co-worker seemed to correct me every time I spoke.  I didn’t say anything I just mentally decided not to speak and in doing so it allowed me time to analyze what was happening inside of me.

ego-present-eckharttolle-amyjalapenoI realized almost immediately that my ego had been bruised, that is was not that big of a deal, really.  My ego was making more out of it than it needed to be.  I realized right away that it is OK to be wrong.  I remembered this quote from one of my spiritual teachers, Wayne Dyer that states; if you have a choice to be right, or to be kind, always pick kind.  Therefore, I got over it and moved on with my day without feeling offended or feeling the need to defend my stance on the subject.  I actually felt compassion for the other person, realizing that maybe they had a greater need to be right than I did, and I allowed the situation to pass through me.

The rest of the day went smoothly.  I felt peaceful and joyful for duration of my day.  I guess my ego decided to keep quiet after that because the rest of the day was spent being quite present.  I practiced being present while washing my hands, taking in the smell of the soap and the way the bubbles rolled around my hands.  I practiced being present while doing tasks at work that I would normally find mindless.  I was aware of every key stroke and every number that I entered and found myself entertained by this.  While most days I fight boredom, yesterday, I wasn’t bored at all.

I came home from work and watched an hour of television, cooked my dinner, and ironed my pants, all with the most present attention I think I have ever had.  I didn’t find the need to munch after dinner, nor did I need a bed time snack.  By the time I laid my head on the pillow, I felt a deep sense of peace and contentment.  I slept like a baby.  Today I intend on doing much of the same.  I am going to simply pay attention to the ramblings of my ego and check it when I need to.  I am excited to see what the day holds.

I am now off to the gym to enjoy my much-needed body movement for the day.  I hope you all have a nice day today.  I hear the temperature is going to gradually increase by the end of the week, nature here I come.  ☺

The Flowering of Human Consciousness

Published March 24, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Eckhart-Tolle-quoteYesterday on OWN was our first chapter in “A New Earth” with Eckhart and Oprah on Super Soul Sunday, this chapter being The Flowering of Human Consciousness.  It was very inspiring to listen to Eckhart talk of his own awakening and how it made way for the death of his ego.  I, myself, struggle with the identification with ego.  For most of my life I unknowingly listened and followed every thought from my ego as if what I was hearing was truth.  Unfortunately doing this caused many, many bouts of depression which led to obesity and a maddening on the mind.

Thankfully through my own awakening a couple of years ago, I have been able to recognize the conditioned chattering of my ego.  However, I am not so practiced in the field of spirituality that I don’t sometimes find myself being sucked right back in by it.  This class could not have come at a better time for me.  I have been finding myself being pulled down by the natural stresses of daily life, which has created great struggle in the maintenance of my healthy boundaries.  Last year when I was so submerged in the spiritual teachings of Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra, and the beginnings of my meditation practice I was able to maintain my healthy boundaries without even trying, there was no struggle, it was unbelievably effortless.

quotes-every-moment-eckhart-tolle-300x205I simply seemed to make good choices without any struggle at all.  This is where I, again, wish to be.  This week we are to practice being as conscious as possible.  Eckhart gave some really great ways to bring our awareness back to the present moment throughout each day.  First, he suggests simply asking the question; Am I still breathing?  And then pay attention to the inhalation and exhalation of our breath.  Second, he suggest giving our full attention to the everyday menial tasks we all perform, such as, washing our hands, or doing our hair, or any of the normally mundane tasks performed at work.

I am excited to spend some necessary time in the now.  I need it.  I need to quiet my mind once again.  I find myself thinking unnecessarily more often than not lately.  I want nothing more than to accept myself and my life for what it is and enjoy the journey I am on.  I don’t want everything I do to be a means to an end.  I prefer to be a part of the ride, instead and allow the universe and God to guide me to my end.

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