Acceptance is the Only Way

Published March 1, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

imageedit_4_7323800340Well, I am up on this fine Saturday morning.  I am feeling so good.  This past week has given me back my happy, cheerful self.  I can be me, without worry.  I can do what I want and enjoy my life without being monitored.  I feel pretty good about myself these days.  I feel like if I stay a size 16 for the rest of my life, that is pretty fabulous.  A friend of mine from grade school posted a picture of me in like the 2nd grade, and I was always a chubby kid.  I was chubby from the get go.

It’s in my genes.  I mean it’s not OK to be extremely overweight, I get that, but if I am happy and comfortable being a size 16 what do I have to prove?  The answer to that is nothing, nothing at all.  I am kind and caring, that is what is important.  I try to make sure that people feel better after they are done talking to me than before.  I want nothing more than to have a positive influence on others, to somehow make their life better, even if it is in a small way.

Society tends to put too much emphasis on the outside, when the inside is truly what is important.  I’m not going to lie, I love the person I have turned out to be.  I wasn’t always someone I could be proud of but today, I am.  So I am going to take my chubby little self and give her a nice tight, warm hug and tell her she is amazing just like she is.  ☺

Now, I am off to spend my morning with my beautiful mama.  Then it’s home to paint and finish up my bathroom.  I can’t wait to post pictures.  ☺

I hope you all have a positive, uplifting day.

Chow for now ♥

My son just said to me; “mom you don’t need to lose anymore weight, you have some so far.  I mean, if you continue to eat the way you do and workout and you lose weight that’s great, but it shouldn’t be a goal anymore just live your life and be happy.”    what a wise boy ☺


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