March is Self-Awareness Month ☺

Published March 3, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks
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Hey hey it’s Monday!  The car is started and warming up for me to go to Curves.  It’s minus three here this morning.  That’s actually good compared to the minus twenty and thirty it has been lately.

It’s month end in the office today.  Not that it really matters.  I am blessed enough to have a pretty stress-free job.  My intentions today are pretty simple.  I am going to pack up my healthy snack and my healthy lunch and go to work to sit, relax and putter along on my daily duties.  I intend on keeping my thoughts up and positive throughout the day.  I also intend on looking for any and all moments of synchronicity that may give a hint on what my next project should be.

I love seeing those moments of synchronicity before me.  It screams “bigger picture” to me.  It lets me know that there is something bigger working for me out there.  Whether it be the creator of the universe or the universe itself, I know that I am not along in my path.  I know that if I pay attention and trust in the guidance that I will make it to the best, highest place meant especially for me.  It means fewer mistakes and more success.

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I firmly believe that anything coming from love cannot be wrong.  If I have loving thoughts about a decision or choice I must follow it, and on the flip side, if I am being manipulated by fear then I must let it go.  For the entire month of march I am going to examine my decision-making.  Before making any decisions or choices I am going to ask myself one simple question, is this decision or choice being made out of love, and if it is I am on my way.  I am also going to take this entire month to focus on moments of synchronicity and keep a log of all that show up in my life.

I am tagging the month of March as self-awareness month for me.  I am ready to learn more about Michele!  The more I learn the more I grow, and I am ready to grow.


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