A New Earth on Super Soul Sunday with Eckhart Tolle

Published March 17, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

A_New_Earth_by_Eckhart_TolleThis Sunday on OWN begins the 10-week Super Soul Sunday series on A New Earth Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose with Eckhart Tolle.  I did this series online last year without the book and loved it.  I was sad to see it end so this year I am going to do it again but with the book.

I am crossing my fingers that the book arrives before Sunday so I can get the first chapter read and highlighted before the class starts.  Eckhart has such a calming way about him.  This is a must see and as I said earlier you don’t even need the book.  He and Oprah go through this book thoroughly, and there is a lot to learn simply from listening.

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If anyone out there is going to get the book or follow along please let me know so we can get together and discuss what we’ve learned.  I am super stoked and I am sure I will be posting a lot about the series over the next ten weeks.  ☺


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