My Affirmations/Incantations

Published March 18, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

It’s going to be a great day!!

  • I am in perfect health
  • I love my body and therefore feed it with rich whole foods in the proper amounts
  • I love my body and therefore I move it every day, giving it the exercise it needs and deserves
  • I am creative and therefore express myself creatively
  • I am influential and therefore I influence people’s lives in a positive way
  • I-thinkI am prosperous, I pay my bills with joy knowing that every dollar I put out comes back to me ten fold
  • I manifest money
  • My income increases constantly
  • Money flows freely through me
  • People come from out of the wood work to help me succeed
  • Even strangers want to help thrust me forward in life
  • I trust in my intuition as I know it is Gods gentle urgings for my path
  • I am open and receptive to the good and abundance of the universe
  • I am surrounded by kind and loving people
  • People are naturally good
  • I am blessed and open to the explosive blessings God has planned for my future
  • I am healthy and strong and am able to maintain my healthy boundaries
  • I am peaceful and contented on the inside and am able to feel bliss from the depth of my core

Above are my affirmations/incantations.  They are first affirmations because I say them daily, and second they are incantations because I say them with great feeling.  Throughout all of the readings I have done, I have found that affirmations truly do work.  Whether you are telling yourself something positive or something negative you are unknowingly creating your own future.  The affirmations that manifest the quickest are the ones that you say with great feeling.

Unfortunately, if you take a listen to what you are telling yourself over and over again with great feeling, you are probably going to see that most of what is going on inside of your mind is negative.  You may be stating over and over what you don’t want with such demand that you are actually manifesting it for your life.  For example if you are saying to yourself “I am sick of being broke, I don’t want to be broke any longer”.  You are actually reinforcing your life of destitution.  On the other hand if you say with great passion; “I am prosperous, I have plenty of money, I am able to lend and not borrow”.  Then you will manifest your own prosperity.

This also works with your health.  If you tend to tell yourself you are not feeling well, you are tired, fat, and lazy, then that is exactly what you are going to be.  On the other hand if you tell yourself you are in perfect health, that you are physically fit, and that you love and honor your body, then you will see this manifest as well.  I cannot tell you how many years I was negative and allowed my thoughts to make me ill, broke, and unhappy.

It may take a little work but we all have the ability to change the way we think.  We are in control of our thoughts.  It is when we let our thoughts control us that we find life unbearable.  Being that March is Self-awareness month, what better time to take control of what we think and in turn take control of our lives.  I for one am on top of this.  I am excited about my affirmations and incantations.  After saying them I feel like I can take over the world.

I usually do them when I take a bathroom breaks.  Of course, I don’t scream them because my co-workers may call the paddy wagon if I did, but I do go into the bathroom, lock the door, stand in front of the mirror and whisper them with intense passion, and when I walk out I feel like a giant, like I could concur anything.  If nothing else each trip to the bathroom allows me to feel larger than life.  ☺


2 comments on “My Affirmations/Incantations

  • I would just add that with everything give thanks to the Lord Most High for the opportunity to achieve all these in your life. It is not about being of any religion either (religion is vanity).

    Take in the natural food that has blessed this planet. Move and enjoy the body that you have been blessed with. This is bring you health. Remember to take in some supplements to assist in the cleansing.

    Remember your affirmations and prayers.

    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

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