Please excuse me, I have to go make excuses now.

Published March 19, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

So funny I just had to reblog it.

hello fatties.

You may have noticed that I’m not the most determined at the moment. Part of me thinks I just got fed up with the no thank you’s and the counting calories and the getting up early to work out and just needed a break. But that doesn’t mean I gave up completely so everyday is pretty much like this:


And then my brain converts to this frame of mind…

ImageAnd so far this technique hasn’t worked….


But you know what they say, it’s all a journey and success is never a straight line… nope in my case it’s a spaghetti and cheese shaped line. But in this dip of motivation I’ve learnt a few things, one being that I’m a stress eater.

I haven’t been truly stressed for a while so in my past year of self discovery it slipped through the cracks…. And then it hit. The hunger pangs…

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