A Message from a Dream

Published March 26, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

the_four_agreementsI woke up this morning with The Four Agreements on my mind.  Being that I have been working with my ego these past few days, I know that these agreements are something I have to keep in mind.  My ego tends to want to make assumptions and take things personally.  I guess I have been feeling that certain people’s lack of communication with  me may be something that I did.  However, this morning I have come to realize that even if that were true, I am not a mind reader, if someone is unwilling to share their feelings with me, there is nothing I can do to help the situation or to change it.

The only thing that I can do is go about my life and try my hardest to follow The Four Agreements.  I remember when I read this book.  It was so profound to me at the time.  Sometimes we need gentle reminders of the great lessons we have learned in life.  I am not sure what I dreamed last night but I do know that before going to sleep I asked for a message or a lesson and when I woke this morning this is what came forward, a reminder to live the Four Agreements and everything will be just fine.

So, I shall take the time to remember to be impeccable with my word, I will try very hard not to take things personally, I will not make assumptions, and I will always do my best.  Thank you Don Miguel Ruiz for the wonderful and enlightening life lessons.


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