Miracles Happen ♥

Published April 2, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

So, yesterday’s interview ended up getting rescheduled for today.  It ended up being a good thing though, our night-foreman couldn’t come to work because he is battling the seasonal flu, so there would have been no way for me to leave early.  Can you say miracle in progress?  I just love it when I can see miracles unfold.  Whether they be big miracles or small, they happen to us every day.

img-thingSometimes these miracles are disguised by bad circumstances.  Something that may seem as though it is meant for you harm, can possible be the very thing that thrust you years ahead of your time.  I have seen it, time and time again, in my own life.  Years ago the loss of my business, which ultimately trickled down into the loss of nearly all of my physical possessions, ended up being the most freeing experience of my life.  As I look back on it now I can see that having to relinquish everything I owned and move my family into the basement of my parents home, gave me a greater sense of what was important in my life, that being my kids and my husband.

My beautiful bedroom set I had to give away, my house, my van, none of those things meant anything to me in the grand scheme of life.  To this day, I have very little attachment to things.  I cannot think of one thing in my life that, if lost, would devastate me.  These are things, after all, and eventually will be lost anyway.  I feel so completely blessed for each and every miracle in my life because they are what got me to this place, where I am right now.

I say accept every challenge as if there is a miracle hiding inside.  Each “bad” situation should be welcomed as if it were the very thing that will take you to the next level of greatness in your life.  We are all blessed with miracles every day.  Be on the look out for them, once you begin to see the small ones, God will grant you with bigger, more life changing ones.

I am on the look out!!  ☺  I want to see them all, even if they are not my miracles and they belong to someone else.  It is so exciting to see them unfold.  If you happen to see a miracle unfold for someone close to you and they do not recognize it, be sure to let them know so they too, can begin to recognize the small ones in preparation for the larger ones.

Don’t make the mistake of living each day in the past or anxious about the future.  Stay present and conscious and enjoy the excitement of watching life unfold one miracle at a time.


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