What Will You Do with the Next 86,400 Seconds of Your Day?

Published April 4, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks
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It occurred to me this morning, soon after my meditation session was complete, that simply meditating for twenty minutes in the morning is just not enough.  I must be able to take the meditation even further by experiencing the stillness in all situations.  This has been a practice for a while now and by practice I mean, just that, practice.  I have to remind myself to do this, not only daily but hourly.  It makes all the difference in how I react to life’s events.  Surrender is peace, surrender is power.  I don’t know where I head that, but I am sure it came from someone great.  ☺

I was always one to fight against just about everything that came into my life. I lived in a state of denial, believing that if I ignored difficult situations they would simply go away.  Boy, was I wrong.  Not only did they not go away but eventually they compounded into a situation so large that it could no longer be ignored.  Eventually I was forced to face it and deal with it anyway, so why not deal with it Immediately, right?  This has been a huge lesson for me, but I think I have finally got it.

First I have learned to accept the situation for what it is, relax and allow the solution to present itself.  That’s it!  It’s really that easy.  It’s difficult to recognize that best possible solutions to a perceived problem if we are all tied up in knots on the inside, fighting against the problem in the first place.  A great man once said; “What you resist persist”, that great man is Eckhart tolle.

He obviously knows what he is talking about, because I spent years resisting the acceptance of my body and my body became more and more out of balance.  I spent years resisting the acceptance of myself and I became more and more depressed and difficult to deal with.

Now, I can honestly say that I love and honor my body, as well as, myself.  There are times when my blasted ego wants to pop up and question me, but with the help of Eckhart, I have learned to become aware of it, and as Eckhart says the ego cannot survive with awareness.  Essentially awareness is the ego’s kryptonite, therefore it is my mission to recognize it and put a kabosh to its old conditioned way of thinking.

With all of that being said, I am off to enjoy my Friday!  I am going to move through my day with acute consciousness.  I am going to stay in the Now and enjoy every minute of this gift. we call today.  May you all have the best day ever, while cherishing the 86,400 seconds within.



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