How to React to the Ego

Published April 6, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

oprah_eckhartToday I intend on going over Chapter 3 of A New Earth with Oprah and Eckhart on OWN.  I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the ego.  With my new found awareness I am able to spot it much quicker and easier.  What I have come to realize is, it is there.  It is always there, and if I were to live in a state of unconsciousness, it would, without a doubt, take over and control every action and reaction to life.

I noticed yesterday when talking with someone who obviously operates solely from the perspective of the ego, that being present with this person, was the only way to go.  Last week when I tried to explain my side of things it only created aggressive behavior.  While this week, I simply listened with full awareness and nodded slightly while she was speaking which made for a much calmer and less intense exchange.  I can only surmise that by being fully conscious and nonreactive that this allowed her ego to feel less threatened and superior.

What a wonderful lesson.  If nothing else, I have learned how to react the to ego in another.  I have learned that it is not important that I state my case because not everyone is going to get it anyway, and if I am able to bring about a sense of peace within someone else, I am all for it.  Watch here for a thirty second explanation of what the ego is by Eckhart.  This tiny little clip will open you up to recognizing the ego, not only in ones self, but in others.  Once awareness is brought about, the ego no longer has control, as the ego cannot survive awareness.




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