Reflections of My Very First Vision Board

Published April 8, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks
Car from very same vision board

Car from very same vision board

Today is the negotiation part of the interview process.  Then, I guess I will have some heavy decision-making to do.  At least the new company is going to allow me to give the company I am at right now about a months notice.  I certainly don’t want to abandon anyone or leave with hard feelings.  It’s hard for me to believe that this new company is going to be able to outdo what I am getting right now.  Being that I have a family of five and health care is not cheap, that alone is a large expense when taking on a new employee.

All I know is I wont be making any hasty decisions.  I will take the time to think about, and talk it over with my husband, before making any final decisions.  However, it is in the back of my mind that when I made my very first vision board I posted a picture of the car that I have always wanted.  This car was so far out of reach for me it wasn’t even funny.  I put it on the same board that landed me the little house I am living in right now.  That car is a Dodge Charger, and get this, the company I am in negotiations with is a Dodge dealership.

Could this be God’s way of getting me closer to owning that Dodge Charger I have always wanted?  Could this be the guidance of the universe to make my vision come to fruition?  I know that some of you may scoff at the idea of vision boards, but I can only tell you that only a few months after making my first vision board I bought a house that was almost identical to the house I posted on it.  Coincidence?  I think not!

Since that time I have made several other’s, mostly on spiritual awakening and healthy living .  Could it be time to make yet another with a new set of dreams?  Just to show you all what I am talking about, below is the house I posted on the vision board and the house I bought a few months later.  Above is the car that I post on the very same vision board.  I absolutely love my little house.  It is cozy and comfortable, but before posting it, I had no intention of ever owning a house again, since I lost my first house through the loss of a business.  Not only did I have no intention of owning again, I thought it was out of the question due to losing my first one to foreclosure.

It is what it is.  I am not going to take this new job unless it screams “this is right for you“.  I have a hunch that I will know right away whether or not this is what I am supposed to do.  I have kept my mind still, I have made no assumptions either way, and I am not in a position that I have to do anything.  I am certain that God will give me the answer at the exact right time I am to know it.  I fully trust my intuition and the guidance of the universe, therefore, I am off to enjoy my day and all the opportunities that should arise.

The first house is the one that was posted on my vision board and the second is the one I bought a few months later ☺



9 comments on “Reflections of My Very First Vision Board

  • The concept of losing one’s house is harsh and makes one feel like crap. But with time the credit will improve and believe it or not the decision to get a new house will rest with your family and not the institutions that usually say no. Just make sure you clean up your credit and pay off as many bills as possible.

  • Hello, as a valued reader of my blog, I have nominated you for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award – I love this because it offers a chance to thank people who follow and read your posts (plus there’s very little work required – just to thank and nominate, lol). Of course, I understand if you do not have time or would prefer not to participate, but if you are interested, please follow the link below to see the full requirements for acceptance. 🙂 (And sorry about the random place for this post – I was not sure where to put it, lol)

  • I was 11 when I created my first vision board, which the help of my wise old grandmother. I wasn’t very demanding at the time since all I had on my vision board was a great big, hugeg, monster, gigantic #1. I wanted my little typing company to be the #1 typing company in my hometown of 23,000 people and 5,000 college students. Within a year, I was.

    • Wow, that is amazing! I love to hear stories like that. I am going to start collecting pictures for a new board this weekend. It’s been about six months or so since I have created one. I believe it’s time. 🙂 Have a fabulous weekend.

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