I Feel Blessed and Reborn

Published April 11, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks
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I noticed that my mind was much quieter this morning during my morning meditation session.  I think when I make poor choices as far as what I put in my mouth it causes my mind to become overactive and judgey.  I am about to head into the weekend with the intention of being fully present and conscious, throughout.  If I feel myself become board or looking for something outside of myself, I am going to know right away that I have slipped back into an unconscious state of awareness.  The very minute I become aware of it I am going to take the time to sit in the stillness and simply notice the aliveness of my inner body.  Nothing brings us back to the present moment like feeling the inner vibration of every cell in the body.


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Weekends are always tough but this one is going to be different.  We are calling for decent weather which means we will get outside and enjoy a bit of nature.  As Jill and I walked home from work yesterday it was amazing to see nature coming alive, once again.  There were already a few vibrantly green blades of grass peaking through the brown.  We even noticed a flower bed that was coming up, tulips I believe Jill said.

Nature is the ultimate source of reincarnation.  After the dreadfully cold winter we are all blessed to be able to see all of God’s creations slowly come back to life.  I can’t wait to get out there and enjoy every minute of it.  Being that I live on the Canadian border, it is inevitable that the seasons will come and they will go, so it is up to us to get out and enjoy it whenever we can.

Spring is here.  I can hear the birds outside singing and playing.  What an amazing sound.  I know that I intend on making the most of every minute, of every day.  For me, this winter served as a lesson to take advantage of the warm weather, the sun, the warm soft breeze as it blows through the trees.  We are free to roam the earth once again without fear of freezing.  I, myself, feel reincarnated.



5 comments on “I Feel Blessed and Reborn

  • Man, the last paragraph is so peaceful and wonderful…I can just sit back and close my eyes and feel the warm breeze in my hair and feel the trees swaying to the beat of the wind. Beautiful!! You’re so beautiful and I love how you write about beauty!! 🙂

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