Day 1: Finding Security

Published April 14, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

OWN_OMag_Comp_2014_2Feb_Deepak.R6_JustPhotoToday is day one of Oprah and Deepak’s Meditation Experience.  If you have yet to sign up, please do so.  It is an amazing experience, and it is free.  It will help to bring your life into the flow of the universe that we all need and crave.  It will allow you to feel grounded from the inside which is an absolutely amazing feeling.  You will no longer need outside stimuli to feel grounded.  I myself tend to turn to food when I am not feeling grounded.  Meditation has been of great help to me in this area.

Today’s centering thought is “My security and peace are within”.  Simply taking twenty minutes a day for yourself will change your life in ways you couldn’t imagine.  If you have to get up a little early to fit it in, do it.  It will enhance your life after the very first session.  You will find peace and love for yourself that you never knew existed.  Situations that normally cause you stress will melt away right before your eyes.  Unnecessary thoughts that seem to crop up to badger you, will disappear.  Fear of uncertainty will diminish and uncertainty will become excitement for life.

You are the most important person in your life.  Take the time to love and nurture yourself.  It is not selfish to take care of you, because when you take care of you everyone around you will benefit.  You will become a beacon of love.  You will emanate peace and contentedness that will flow from you to those around you.  So, if you want to better take care of your family and friends, do this for them.  They deserve it, don’t you think?

That been said, I am off to hit the gym before work.  I have had the best weekend ever with my loves, and I am ready for a peaceful day at the office.  I hope you all enjoy your Monday.  ☺  Here are a few pictures we took while out enjoying our adventurous Saturday together with my son and granddaughter.




7 comments on “Day 1: Finding Security

  • I started this yesterday!!! I did it right before bed laying in Savasana (corpse pose) and had the best night sleep I have had in a while. If we are not content with ourselves, our ability to be effective in our relationships is more difficult. 🙂

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