Day 2: Finding Happiness

Published April 15, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Oh yeah, another day!  What could be sweeter.  When I got up this morning is was 57 degrees outside.  The birds are chirping away and the sun has yet to come up.  What an amazing gift.  It is bound to be a wonderful day.  I have absolutely nothing planned.  Today I intend on winging it.  The best plan, to have no plan at all, to simply flow from situation to situation, just being.  I have no expectations and there is no place I would rather be than in this moment.

quotes-of-the-day-life-7-300x300Knowing that neither the past or the future exist now, leaves life wide open for peace and contentedness.  This mornings meditation was amazing and left me feeling “Ah inspired“.  Today’s centering thought “I am the source of unlimited happiness” and believe it or not, after a short twenty minutes, I am exuding happiness.  I am ready to go to the gym and kick-start my day.  I am ready to enjoy each and ever moment as it unfolds.

Remember, it is the ego that creates a need for over indulgence, and the ego cannot thrive with awareness so take time today to be aware of every moment.  Take time to notice your breath and feel the inner aliveness in your hands.  Notice the tingle of the inner vibrations of your body and your need for more will diminish.  Take time to check in with yourself throughout the day to be sure your not projecting your thoughts to the past or the future.  Neither of these exist in the present moment and going there will only create unnecessary stress.

Treat your body with dignity and respect and it will become your greatest ally~Deepak Chopra



7 comments on “Day 2: Finding Happiness

  • Love the happytoinspire quote and yes, very true!! Happy Tuesday!! I know, this morning is shaping up just beautifully (before all the rain and storms), but I’m enjoying it now!! xoxo!!!

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