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Excited for the Possibilities

Published June 3, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

I felt drawn to this tree yesterday on my walk

I trust in you, God.  I know that you can do leaps and bounds over what I can do.  I am only to be present and excited for what the future holds.  Do I know what that means or what I will be doing?  No…  I am completely uncertain as to where my path is going to take me, but I can say this, I trust it will be amazing.  I will not manipulate it in any way.  I am simply to be observant and still.  I am to build a bridge between the Human that I am and the Being that I am.

Contrary to my ego’s belief that “it’s just to hard”, I know that it is not hard.  It is different.  It is living purposefully.  Yesterday, was the first day that I made it my intention and purpose to be aware of the observer in me.  By having this connection I was able to keep my mind from running away with itself.  I was able to keep that sense of deep inner peace with me while I performed my responsibilities of the day.

Being that yesterday was the end of the month at the office, it was extremely hectic.  I found that two or three times during the day a feeling of stress began to rise within me, but being that I was connected to the spirit in me I was able to let those moments pass.  It took less than a minute to feel, it recognize it, and shift away from it.  LESS THAN A MINUTE!!  This from a girl who was chronically stressed for most of her life.  A girl who would let some small challenge leave her reeling out of control for weeks.

The cross I found while walking to work

The cross I found while walking to work

I also found myself needing less food.  I didn’t think about it.  Being present seemed to curb my appetite which I had a feeling it would.  I mean I am self-aware enough to recognize that I eat for other reasons beside being hungry.  I am an emotional eater as well as an empathetic eater, meaning I will eat my feelings and yours too.

Last night before bed I had no thoughts of eating until I heard my ego pipe up and say; You haven’t had much food today, you are going to be hungry in the night.  Again being that I was so in touch with the God within me I was able to calmly dismiss it as a judgement.  Something I am working to take out of my life.  I took a deep breath and returned to that place of peace, and you know what?  I didn’t get hungry in the night ☺  Surprise…  My ego was wrong….

I woke feeling alive and excited for what today is going to bring.  I am excited for the possibilities.  ♥

It’s Time to Shake Things UP

Published June 2, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

I am going to approach life in a different way for a bit.  I think it is about time that I shake things up.  I am going to focus my attention on becoming a fully conscious human being.  I am going to do what I can to create a balance between the Being that I am and the human that I am.  By that I mean to live my life fulfilling my responsibilities while being fully aware.  I want nothing more than to learn to live my life as a conscious person.

I want to experience that magic that life has to offer when living it in pure consciousness.  I am fully aware of the spirit within myself at this time, as I write.  Instead on using my focus to try to do “the right thing”, such as, making healthy choices.  It occurred to me that if I learn to live my life consciously I wont have to “try” to do anything.  The right things and the right opportunities will just present themselves clearly.  This is my mission.  I know that it will take some practice, but I just so happen to think enough of myself to take the time.

Living consciously will diminish worry and bring about moments of synchronicity that I also like to call miracles, this I know.  Therefore, for the next week I am going to pay close attention to what I am thinking, if any thoughts seem like junk, or should I say, serve no purpose, I will dismiss them immediately and concentrate on my breath.  As I know that the breath is the key to being present.

I will notice how it feels when the air enters my body, how my chest and stomach rise with the inhalation and fall with the exhalation.  I will notice how, with each breath, I will be filled with love and compassion and release stress and negativity.  During this time I will record any and all moments of synchronicity that shall become known to me.

Oh, and I almost forgot.  ☺  Below are some pictures that I took over the weekend.  I was blessed with a beautiful weekend filled with family, fun and laughter.


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