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Back From the Abyss

Published September 26, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

This blog post is prompted by Southernhon You never know what a few kind words can do for a person.

Unfortunately, I just haven’t had the urge to blog these past few months.  Life got in the way, as it often does.  I stopped meditating for several months and gained forty pounds.  It was a tough time but I got through it and I am wiser for it.

A couple of months ago I started the process to get weight-loss surgery.  I am nearing the end of the process, and then it is the wait for the decision of the insurance company.  It has been a pretty cool process.  I have learned that I am healthy other than a little high blood pressure.  Since, for most of my life, I avoided doctors at all cost this, was a relief.

Anyway, I have, again started meditating again and have taken off ten pounds of the weight that I had gained.  I am happier and more well-balanced now.  I finally spiritually connected again.

I learned a lot through this last blockage, as I like to call it.  I learned that when I am immersed in life’s craziness I lose my connection to myself and others, as well as my connection to the universe.  I wasted the entire summer blocked and missed the beauty of nature.  Instead, I sat in darkness feeding my hunger for that connection with food.

I like to chalk these little things up to just another necessary lesson in the path of my life.  🙂  I finally feel as though I am able to see the light.  I feel better.  My energy is high and all things seem to be falling into place.

It feels amazing to post again, so thank you Southernhon for reaching out.  It was exactly what I needed.

♥ Michele

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