It is What It is

Published October 15, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

It seems the bariatric center that I am working with for weight-loss surgery didn’t submit my packet to the insurance company correctly.  My first reaction was that I was hurt.  I mean I have spent the last week in limbo waiting to hear from the insurance company with an APPROVAL, instead I got this letter that stated that none of my information was submitted.

I’m not going to lie and say that I am still not a little heart-broken.  But, I know that there is a lesson in this.  Every situation, good and bad, holds a lesson.  So, what is it?  Is it one of patience?  Because I have come a long way in the patience department.  Could I come a little further?  Sure…  Who couldn’t.

I swore to myself before starting this journey for weight-loss surgery that I would not force it to happen.  That if it was supposed to happen it would do so effortlessly.  Therefore, I cannot jump through hoops to get this done.  It has to be 100% right, in order for me to proceed.  Erich Fried - What it is

So, here I am, at an impasse.  The very minute I got the letter I called the insurance company to be sure they are still missing the information and then when they were I called the doctor’s office to inform them and fax the letter over.  Although doing those three things was not at all difficult I am done.

In order to practice my trust in God, I have to let this one go.  It either is going to happen, or it isn’t.  Can I live the rest of my life the way that I am?  Sure…  I can do that.  I have done it for forty-six years, I can do it and be happy because when all is said and done, I love me just the way I am.  I am a pretty healthy girl, I know what to eat and what not to eat, so if I had to I could probably at least maintain where I am now and live a happy, full life.

Anyway, today’s motto is…….  it is what it is!

As always love and blessings


8 comments on “It is What It is

  • I had a similar experience with an insurance company. The hospital and the insurance company played the game. Years later I was contacted by a collection agency that I owed five thousand dollars. The insurance company never paid the claim based on lack of paper work from the hospital and the hospital confirmed to me they sent the proper material twice. Either way the seven years was over with but the black mark went on my credit report during that time. I bought nothing on credit so I was not hurt. But still. I the innocent victim of the stupidity of others. I feel your pain. Stay on top of them and if necessary call your state representative for assistance. Good luck. Barry

  • I’m so sorry you’re having a difficult time with this process. Keeping a good attitude is the best thing you can do. Just keep praying for God’s will and if it is meant to be then He will open those doors. I will definitely keep you in my prayers.

    • Thank you! I am so trying to keep a positive attitude. However it does get harder as each day passes. I don’t exactly know why I am putting so much on this decision. I have lived this way this long and if it isn’t meant to be I will go on. 🙂 I have been singing Frozen’s Let it Go a lot lately lol.

  • Been there and I feel your pain. When I had finally finish everything I learned that they would not pay for the hospital I was going to. Had to do a lot of stuff over. Can you say mad, upset, pissed off. Hang in there the day will come soon enough.

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