Spirituality to Me

Published October 28, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Every once in a while I like to check in with myself.  I like to ask myself a meaningful question and then journal about it.  This morning’s question is, what is spirituality to me?

Spirituality to me is self-awareness.  It is getting up close and personal with myself.  It is recognizing feelings and behaviors and digging deep to find the meaning behind them.  It’s about learning why I make the choices that I do.  Why I repeat certain behaviors.  It’s about exploring my feelings.  It’s basically making me, my number one project.

Spirituality is about forgiveness.  Forgiveness of others that I perceived to have hurt me and forgiveness for myself.  Forgiveness is a freeing and powerful thing.  To hold onto grudges and judgements only creates tension and stress on the inside.  It draws to you more tension and stress.  Forgiveness is easy with compassion.

Spirituality is about compassion.  In order to forgive myself and other’s I had to find compassion for both them and myself.  I had to understand that challenges are part of the human experience and we all make mistakes.

Spirituality is about living consciously.  Living in the present moment.  It’s about really being with what I’m doing.  Instead of thinking of the future or the past while, for instance, I like to be totally with washing my dishes or with the tasks at my job, for example.  Doing this creates such a state of peace.

Spirituality is about loving.  Walking around with a loving heart.  Love everyone and everything.  Some people may not be what I would consider a “like-minded” person with me but I love them for their individuality.  There are people in my life that don’t always rub me the right way, but when looking deep I can see their goodness.

Spirituality is about connection.  We are connected to everything.  Every one and Every thing.  If there is something about someone I don’t like, I know that whatever it is that irritates me about that person, is inside of me.  This equally true for things I love about people.  We are all connected.  Therefore, how can I dislike someone who has the same quality as me?  To dislike another or hurt another is to dislike or hurt myself.

Spirituality is knowing that I am everything and no thing at the same time.  I am a balance between my human side and my being side.  As I grow spiritually that balance becomes more and more integrated.  Over time I hope for my human side to act in accordance with my being side, allowing my personality to become in line with my soul.  This, to me, would be where ultimate inner peace resides.  It is where bliss and joy reside, as well.

Spirituality is about making responsible choices.  I still struggle with this one, but I know that every time I succumb to temptation there is a lesson to be learned.  I know that I have a lot to learn.  However I am certain that I will  make responsible choices, not only me but for the universe and all things in it.  This in my opinion is the way to peace and Light.

Spirituality is about embracing the uncertainty of life.  It is about going with the flow.  It is about allowing things to happen instead of forcing them to happen.  It is about being aware of myself enough to head the messages of the universe, God, and my intuition.

Spirituality is about clarity.  It’s about living my life with a clear mind.  It’s about removing thoughts that are not 100% supportive of my life.

Spirituality is about evolving.  In order for me to evolve I must begin to make more responsible choices.  A statement from the book Seat of the Soul;  You can either make choices that support the soul or the personality.  To support the soul is to choose Light and wisdom, to choose the personality is to choose doubt and fear.  I have no intention on living my life in doubt and fear, therefore, I am on a journey to make more soulful choices.

Spirituality is a journey without end.  It is an amazing, exhilarating journey.  I have laughed, I have cried, I have gotten angry all in the name of self-awareness.  All in the name of become a better me.  All in the name of love.




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