This Serves My Soul

Published October 30, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

This morning I thought I would blog my intentions.  It’s Thursday!  Another one of my seven favorite days of the week.

My overall intentions for my life as of today October 30, 2014 are;

To get up at four in the morning.  I simply love it.  I love the peace, joy and content feelings this time of day gives me.  I love the bliss I feel while puttering around my house in the early morning hours, enjoying my coffee, meditation, dancing and blogging/journal writing.  This serves my soul.

To be energetic.  Having energy fuels productivity and being productive gives me a feeling of success which, in turn, makes me feel alive.  This serves my soul.

To make responsible choices.  Making responsible choices gives me the feeling of empowerment.  This serves my soul.

To be kind.  Kindness makes my heart expand.  Every kind word or gesture expands my heart more and more with love.  No act of kindness is to small.  This serves my soul.

These are simple soul serving intentions.  As long as these intentions are in place all of the secondary things in life will line up for me.  I have faith in God and the universe that the path They have laid out for me is going to be truly amazing, better than anything I could ever hope for myself.

Be Blessed.




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