One Week Post-Op Gastric Bypass

Published November 26, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Well, I am one week out and I made a terrible mistake this morning.  I weighed myself.  I have lost four tenths of a pound.  I must say I am a little more than devastated.  I know that eventually I am going to lose weight because how can I not on 600 calories.

I am doing everything I am suppose to do.  I am getting in my water, getting in my protein, and getting in an hour of mild cardio each day.  How can this not work?  Logically I know it has to work but there is that little voice inside of me that wants to cry and throw a fit.  I mean, hell, I haven’t eaten in eighteen days and I have lost less than a half of a pound.

The me that is devastated completely regrets my decision to do this to myself and the logical me knows I made the right decision.

I can say one thing for certain, I will no longer weigh myself.  Scales are gone!!



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