Good Morning. No, Great Morning!

Published March 31, 2015 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Sitting here listening to Hay House Radio.  The window shades are up and the sun is gleaming through the window and into my face.  It feels so energizing.  I am excited for the weather to make its turn, so I can start walking again.  I miss nature.  It’s been a pretty cold winter so I have been tapping into my weather archetype which is that of palm trees, warm wind and many shades of green.  Palm trees

I am looking forward to today.  It’s a regular old Tuesday at the office which means I will have plenty of time to stay present and mindful.  I will have plenty of time to pay attention to the messages from my spiritual team.  I clearly received validation yesterday that I am on the right path.

After completing the blog Thank You, All You Bloggers I went to work, I had just walked through the door when my sister called to tell me my horoscope, something she has never done before.  This horoscope essentially said that I had a message to get out there and to continue on the path I am on and the message will be received.

Can you say validation?  I felt the vibration of the whole synchronistic moment for several minutes after hanging up the phone.


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