What Does it Mean to Wake Up?

Published April 11, 2015 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

What does waking up mean?  Waking up means to  be aware of the observer within you.  When we awaken we can see a clear separation between our thoughts the one who is observing those thoughts.  The awareness behind those thoughts is our soul.  It is our inner genius.  It is in this place that all things are possible.

quote-what-a-liberation-to-realize-that-the-voice-in-my-head-is-not-who-i-am-who-am-i-then-the-one-who-eckhart-tolle-273186We are only limited in our beliefs of ourselves, but the truth is we are without limitations.  It is when we come in connect with the all-knowing part of ourselves that infinite possibilities arise.  We are not limited by education, intelligence or creativity.  We are limited only by what we think we can or cannot achieve.  We are limited only by what we tell ourselves.

Even though most awakenings happen during times of despair and suffering, we don’t have to wait for circumstances like those to align to wake up.  You can do this simply by meditating.  Start out with ten minutes a day, first thing in the morning.  The purpose of meditating is to stretch the space between the thoughts.  It is not to stop the thoughts completely which is impossible.

Some people find it hard to get into the grove of meditating.  I personally do not function at my highest level without a daily meditation practice.  I find it is easy to get sucked back into the drama of every day life without my daily meditation practice.  Meditation helps to keep us in that space of all-knowing, it helps to ground us and it brings about a state of such peace.

Don’t take my word for it.  Take ten minutes a day and clear your mind.  Start in the shower if a formal mediation session is too much for you right now.  Simply take your shower and pay attention the way the water feels as it runs down your body.  Pay attention the smell of the steam and the feel of the soap as it lathers up between your fingers.

Use a mantra if you need to.  A mantra will help you to come back to the present moment when the thoughts float in and they will float in.  We cannot stop the thoughts, only slow them down.  A mantra can be something as simple as So Hum, or I Am.  Once you choose the mantra that best suits you, take a slow deep breath in, silently repeating the first word and exhale on the second.  For example inhale on So and exhale on Hum, repeating this for as long as you feel comfortable.25296_1358241557.5086

Once you become comfortable with that, maybe add a couple of minutes a week until you reach twenty minutes a day.  I know that many people have a block against mediation, if that is you, then you can do several one minute meditations throughout the day.  I like to do this when I use the restroom.  I find it easier to remember to practice my mindful, minute meditations if I link it up with something I do more than once throughout the day.

So there you have it folks.  That is what waking up means to me.  Please feel free to stop by my Facebook page, Waking Up in Northern NY.  I am hoping to get some dialogue going on the subject.  It is a subject that is near and dear to me.  I am looking forward to growing and expanding through the collaboration I get from you brilliant people.  So stop by and say hello.  I am looking forward to meeting you.

With much Love and Light


Transformation Facebook

Published April 10, 2015 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Recently it has become really important for me to find people who are on a similar path as I am.  I have actually considered moving to an area of the world that supports my beliefs, spiritually.  However, I have come to understand that it may be important for me to build a foundation where I am.

That been said, this morning I changed the name of my Facebook page that corresponds to my blog to Waking Up in Northern NY.  It would be completely amazing to find a group of like-minded people in my area but of course all are welcome.  Having a Facebook page will allow us to communicate, ask questions and contemplate the important things in life.

Stop in and say hello.  I am looking forward to creating an atmosphere of complete loving kindness.  One of complete openness and acceptance for everyone.  I am learning and exploring myself from the inside out, so I have a lot to learn.  There is strength in numbers.  Lets do this together.

Getting Guidance and Trusting Your Messages

Published April 10, 2015 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Today I am enjoying a day off.  I have discovered that I like being good to me, so I took today and plan on spending it with my darling husband.  It’s early, and I am the only one up.  It’s actually quite nice to enjoy some “me” time, some blogging time.

This morning I have been trying to articulate what it is that I actually believe these days.  I have spent the past few years Doreen-Virtue-Archangel-Michael-Remember-who-you-aredoing a lot of soul-searching.  I have journaled a lot, meditated a lot and really found a deep connection with my inner being.  It feels amazing to trust myself and my decisions.  It seems that I have found the sweet spot where all of my questions, concerns and wonders are answered.

It’s absolutely amazing to have the knowing to make decisions that are good for me and my family.  I used to allow others to make decisions for my life.  I had no idea that doing what everyone else wanted me to do would only create catastrophe and it often did, however I wasn’t conscious enough to see it then.

I mean, let’s be logical, if we do what someone else wants us to do it simply wont work.  Doing what is right for someone else just will not fit into the path of our life.  We are all unique individuals.  What is right for one cannot possible be what is right for another.  Listening to what others have to say is one thing but to do it exactly as they have will not work to our advantage.

I believe that the divine connection to my soul is more valuable than having all of the rich’s in the world.  Being connected to, and trusting the guidance of my spiritual advisers, God and the Archangels has transformed my life.  I have found a peace I didn’t know existed.  I have found Love and Light and completely get that they are what power the entire universe.

That been said, I am off to spread Love and Light those I come in contact with, whether it be physically or technologically.  I am ready to uplift.

My affirmations for today:

I am enough.

I am love and understanding.

I am open and receptive to the universal creative mind.

I maintain my healthy boundaries because it keeps the lines of communication open with my spiritual advisors.

And so it is ❤


Published April 4, 2015 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

For the past few days I am getting the same message over and over again.  To be 100% authentic at all times and to embrace my vulnerability.  I am up for the challenge and have actually stepped into that earlier in the week when I decided to hang my archetype board at work.  At first I freaked a little because I thought everyone would think I was a little off and then I remembered, I am a little off and that is OK.  I embrace my uniqueness.IMG_1822

I am who I am and to be anything else would seem like a lie.  I am ready to release myself to the world in hopes of uplifting someone else in the process.

My affirmations for today:

  • I embrace my vulnerability so as to embrace my true self.
  • I am 100% authentic wherever I go.

What’s Your Truth?

Published April 4, 2015 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

What is my truth?

My truth is that I don’t know anything for certain except that I love me and love getting to know me.  Have you ever asked yourself, what is your truth?  It’s not as easy as one would think to put it down in black and white.  Knowing my truth has become my passion.

I have become aware that my inner purpose is to awaken to the fact that I am an incredibly interesting being.  Writing and learning about myself has been such an exhilarating project since starting a little over three years ago.  It’s never boring and I always learn something new.  For so long I wanted a hobby.  I was always complaining that I was bored.  Little did I know that I was the hobby I was looking for.

It all started so simply, journal writing, and meditating in the morning.  In the beginning there were a lot of stuff coming to the surface that I would have normally stuffed down with food, cigarettes, alcohol or whatever was there for that day.  But instead of stuffing it down I wrote it down, I wrote and wrote and wrote.  It was like releasing all of this stuff to make way for a more peaceful existence.

Through it all I can happily say that I have pretty much worked through all the garbage of my past, and have become aware enough to see the conditioned patterns that developed because of that garbage.  It was fun to get in there and dig deep when certain emotions would come up or certain destructive patterns would resurface.

I filled many journals, and through that I found that the more I wrote the more joyous I became.  Self-awareness, self-discovery and self-discipline are, in my opinion, in the foundation for a beautifully connected life.

It was, at times, an extremely emotional journey, mostly in the very beginning.  However, it didn’t take long to work through it, once I learned the art of forgiveness.  I know longer wallow in my own misery, and I know longer create misery for those that I love.  I have learned to forgive and have been forgiven.  I finally come from a place of peace and contentment.  I am able to see the universe rising up to meet me.

I am on my way.  I have graduated through the first phase of my journey, clearing the pathway.  With my pathway clear, I am able to enjoy the flow of the universe.  I am able to clearly pick up messages meant especially for me.  I can communicate with my spiritual team whenever I need them.  Life has opened up to me and I am so excited to see what it has in store.  It’s like a really good series that has no ending.

Onward and upward, my friends.

Life is a blessing, and since we are one with life, we are a blessing as well.

Getting the Answers

Published April 2, 2015 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

I love getting validation.  During my journal writing I sometimes like to do something, I call Guided writing.  ThIMG_1832e G is capitalized because the Guided represents messages from my spiritual team.  All of my angels and spirit guides that are helping me move through life in such an effortless way are there for me whenever I need them.

In the picture you will see how after answering my question they gently reminded me that there is no question that I do not have the answer for.  Meaning that everything I need to know is already within me, I simply need to ask.

Anyway, not even a minute later Sonia Choquette, on Hay House Radio mentioned asking your angels and spirit guides questions and writing the answer.  This was just the validation I needed for today!

Every morning I ask; what is my message for the day?   And every day I get that message in such an uplifting way.

Life is certainly sweet.

The world is full of kind people, if you can’t find one, be one.

Good Morning. No, Great Morning!

Published March 31, 2015 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Sitting here listening to Hay House Radio.  The window shades are up and the sun is gleaming through the window and into my face.  It feels so energizing.  I am excited for the weather to make its turn, so I can start walking again.  I miss nature.  It’s been a pretty cold winter so I have been tapping into my weather archetype which is that of palm trees, warm wind and many shades of green.  Palm trees

I am looking forward to today.  It’s a regular old Tuesday at the office which means I will have plenty of time to stay present and mindful.  I will have plenty of time to pay attention to the messages from my spiritual team.  I clearly received validation yesterday that I am on the right path.

After completing the blog Thank You, All You Bloggers I went to work, I had just walked through the door when my sister called to tell me my horoscope, something she has never done before.  This horoscope essentially said that I had a message to get out there and to continue on the path I am on and the message will be received.

Can you say validation?  I felt the vibration of the whole synchronistic moment for several minutes after hanging up the phone.

Thank You, All You Blogsters

Published March 30, 2015 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Good morning all you amazing blogsters.  I felt compelled to come in and simply offer a good morning to you all, with much love and adoration.  May we all recognize ourselves for what we are and that is giving beings willing to share our lives in the hopes to somehow make a difference to someone, somewhere.


That is the beauty of the internet.  Sometimes we feel really small in the world.  Sometimes we wonder how we can possible make a difference from our tiny little corner of the world.  That is where the internet comes in pretty handy.  We have the ability to lift a person up who we’ve never met.  We have the ability to commit random acts of kindness with our words to anywhere in the world.

Get up right now and take a look in the mirror and really appreciate the goodness you see.  We are all changing the world one person at a time.  That person being ourselves.  Express your love and appreciation for you!  Because you are making a difference just by being you.

It was brought to my attention this weekend that the greatest service any of us can offer the world is that of living a conscious, loving life.  I also learned that I am responsible for the vibration I emit, therefore, I choose to be vibrationally high, emitting only loving, kindness.

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing


Working with Archetypes

Published March 29, 2015 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

This past week I was listening to Davidji on Hay House Radio and learned about archetypes.  I have heard of this before but no one explained it like Davidji.

Archetypes as Davidji so simply put it are symbols, animals, or people living or dead that represent a certain characteristic that you would like to possess in yourself.  The archetype can be anything at all that carries a character trait that you or I would love to see in ourselves.  It is important to know that when choosing your archetype you don’t have to admire everything about your archetype, only the one strong characteristic that is true to you.


From left to right my archetypes are;

Jillian Michaels:  I do not like everything about the way Jillian approaches weight loss but she is my archetype for health and fitness because she is amazingly fit, strong and disciplined.  Something I definitely want to see in myself.

Oprah Winfrey: Oprah is an amazing platform for spiritual enlightenment.  Something I strive to be for those in my life.

Elephants:  There are so many wonderful qualities that elephants possess therefore I decided to add them twice.  They are loyal, kind, caring, loving, strong, and intelligent.  Therefore I am surrounded by elephants because I can draw from their beauty in almost every situation.

Deepak Chopra:  Being that Deepak has taught me so much throughout my spiritual path it is not unusual that I would add him.  He is an amazing author and visionary.  Two aspects that I long for in my life, I will be sure to call upon whenever I need them.

Eckhart Tolle:  My inner spiritual teacher.  Eckhart helps me stay in alignment with my inner being.  Eckhart is essential when around family a lot of the time.  When the vibration is heavy I simply call upon my inner Eckart to help me to stay in the present moment.  He allows me to be at peace in any situation.

Louise Hay:  This woman is amazing.  I could only be so lucky to posses even a small amount of her strength, and wisdom.  She is brilliant, empowering, and ageless.  Louise is my inner Goddess.

My husband, Roger and my dog, Sandie:  Both are a force of unconditional love.  This is how they love me and this is how I love them.  Whenever I need to tap into that source of love I can easily draw upon their love and allow it to flow through me.

Elephants again:  For their memory.  I call upon their strength and focus when I need my memory to come through for me.

Bucky Cappione:  He is an amazing man, I call boss.  He is eighty-seven years old and is more vital than most men sixty years younger than he.  He is amazing with money and is able to expand his finances without any effort at all.  He has perfected it to the point that his money is multiplying as he sleeps.  He is my archetype for money and vitality.

My Mom, Shirley:  The most giving woman in the world.  I could only hope to be half the angel in the lives around me as she has been to those around.

Joel Osteen:  Joel is an amazing teacher and motivator.  Back before I even knew what spirituality was Joel opened the door for me to love myself.  God could not have picked a better man to spread the His word.  It was through Joel that I learned that nothing I could ever do could cause God to turn his back on me.  He is my archetype for loving kindness and for motivating others.  Joel promotes self-love, the love for others, and the love for God.  In short Joel promotes Love.

Finally, my dad, George:  This man has instilled in me, strength, leadership, and respect.  I am a walking replica of my father and for that I am truly blessed.  I am treated with respect and dignity, always.

So, there you have it.  These are my archetypes.  It was fun putting the picture together and exploring the different aspects of my life where an archetype was needed.  I draw great strength from all of them, in different areas of my life.  I am blessed to have them as a part of me. and to have the knowledge that I am able to call upon them whenever I am in need.

I am off to listen to Hay House Radio, my new passion.

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing

Michele ❤

My Latest Vision Board ♥

Published March 23, 2015 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Here is my latest vision board.  This board represents spiritual growth and being involved in the spiritual community.  I would love nothing more than to be a part of the Hay House family, and move to a warmer climate.  Carlsbad, California is where The Chopra Center avision boardnd Hay House Publications are located, the reason for picking that area.

I have had some great results come from my vision boards.  I am looking forward to taking this intention all the way.

I am ready to make a big move in my life.

I am ready to move to an area of the world where there are people on the same vibration as me.

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