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Can You Say No Without Guilt?

Published April 20, 2015 by Stuff My Brain Thinks
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I am a firm believer that we show people how to treat us.  Do you have boundaries in place for your life?  For many years I never had, but as I learned to love myself I found that I needed boundaries, not only boundaries for myself but boundaries for others.

I needed to know what I would, and would not tolerate from the people in my life, and what I would, and would not tolerate from myself.  It took a little time and a lot of digging to figure out just what I would allow.

It wasn’t easy, but I learned to say no without guilt.  That was a big one for me since for most of my life I was a people pleaser.  The first few times I literally felt a spark in my sacral chakra.  I was, admittedly, a little over whelmed but when no one died and life did’t crumble before me, I realized it would be OK, and it was, over time it got easier and easier.  Now the word, no, is just another word to me.

There are so many people in my life that have an aversion to the word no, and because of that they are taken advantage of and are under-appreciated.  I see this in the work place far too much.  There are some who drop the ball and others who pick it up.  I have to tell you from experience it is not the one picking it up that is catered too.  It is generally not the one that goes the extra mile that gets the raise.  Why?  Because it is expected.  It’s as simple as that.

I have clear, set boundaries these days.  I don’t feel the need to do anything I don’t want to do.  This does not at all mean that I am selfish.  In fact, I am more selfless than I have ever been in my life.  I am just more discerning now.  I am more choosy about who I help, and what I do.  It all comes back to the body, If I have a negative feeling about it in any way, I simply do not do it.  It has to feel good for me to be on board.  I have to feel a sense of peace about the situation to move forward.  I trust myself enough to know what is good for me.When-you-know-better-you-do-better

Life without boundaries is terrible.  It’s all tense and thick.  It’s stressful, who needs that?  I struggled against everything in my life for many years.  It wasn’t until I discovered boundaries that I realized maintaining them would be what would give me the confidence and strength to stand up and Be me, to stand up and reclaim my life.  Setting boundaries is what brought me back to who I am meant to be.

My very first healthy boundary was a daily meditation practice.  I committed to it and I am glad I did.  Shortly following the start of my meditation practice a few more healthy boundaries popped up and they were to eat cleanly, get the proper amount of sleep, and to be hydrated every day.

I added more and more boundaries until I felt as though I was living authentically as myself.  I do what feels right for me and on the flip side I don’t do anything that doesn’t.  I don’t feel bad or make excuses for my decisions either, there is nothing to defend, I am simply doing what is right for me.

I have come to realize that I am as important, if not more than, anyone else out there.  I have to take care of me, so I can take care of others.  I used to believe that I could hate myself whole, but now I know better.

And as the great Maya Angelou said “when you know better you do better” 

❤  Michele

Waking up in Northern NY

Spiritual Enlightenment and Icky Emotions

Published April 15, 2015 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Does being awakened and enlightened mean that we never get angry, sad or annoyed?  I don’t think so.  God made us with an array of emotions, lets use them.  What kind of person walks around happy all of the time.  I mean, I am happy quite a lot but when something happens to annoy or anger me, the people in my life don’t know what to do.edf98fc94bd66505855f0f5b3e1259ee

Because it is so out of character for me to be anything but happy and uplifted these days it seems if I do have an off couple of hours it throws everyone else off as well.  This is precisely what happened yesterday.  I am working alone this week because my secretary is in Florida and wouldn’t you know it, this is the week one of our most important printers goes down for a couple of hours.

By the end of the whole ordeal I’m not going to lie, I was a bit frustrated, nothing serious, just a bit agitated to have to deal with this issue while I am working alone.  However, on the bright side, I had a hunch that I should test the printer at like two o’clock in the afternoon, which is about two hours before I needed to use it.  Had I not listened to my intuition I would have gotten backed up at the end of the day, held the boys up from loading the trucks and the worst, I would have gotten out of work late.  But It all turned out well because I did listen to my intuition, did the test print, discovered it wasn’t working, and the rest is history.

I want to say thank you to my spiritual team for giving me the information to check the printer out, and I want to thank myself for listening and following that information.  Turns out the Ethernet cable came loose.  Chalk one up to the all-knowing!  

Today is a new day.  I am open and ready to move through this day with grace.  I am ready to flow with what is and to be open and receptive to the hints and messages from my spiritual advisers.

My Daily Affirmations:

  • I am open and receptive to the good and abundance of the universe.
  • I talk less and listen more.  I give people the gift of being fully present with them.

Happy Hump day my friends.  Life is what you think it…

Michele ❤

Thank You, All You Blogsters

Published March 30, 2015 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Good morning all you amazing blogsters.  I felt compelled to come in and simply offer a good morning to you all, with much love and adoration.  May we all recognize ourselves for what we are and that is giving beings willing to share our lives in the hopes to somehow make a difference to someone, somewhere.


That is the beauty of the internet.  Sometimes we feel really small in the world.  Sometimes we wonder how we can possible make a difference from our tiny little corner of the world.  That is where the internet comes in pretty handy.  We have the ability to lift a person up who we’ve never met.  We have the ability to commit random acts of kindness with our words to anywhere in the world.

Get up right now and take a look in the mirror and really appreciate the goodness you see.  We are all changing the world one person at a time.  That person being ourselves.  Express your love and appreciation for you!  Because you are making a difference just by being you.

It was brought to my attention this weekend that the greatest service any of us can offer the world is that of living a conscious, loving life.  I also learned that I am responsible for the vibration I emit, therefore, I choose to be vibrationally high, emitting only loving, kindness.

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing


My Latest Vision Board ♥

Published March 23, 2015 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Here is my latest vision board.  This board represents spiritual growth and being involved in the spiritual community.  I would love nothing more than to be a part of the Hay House family, and move to a warmer climate.  Carlsbad, California is where The Chopra Center avision boardnd Hay House Publications are located, the reason for picking that area.

I have had some great results come from my vision boards.  I am looking forward to taking this intention all the way.

I am ready to make a big move in my life.

I am ready to move to an area of the world where there are people on the same vibration as me.


Published March 2, 2015 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

It’s been a while since I have actually posted a blog, and since there have been some things swimming around in that mind of mine, I figured I would release them to the blogosphere.

So here it goes.  I was born and raised a Catholic.  I spent six years in Catholic school and my family are still Church going Catholics to this day.  As for me, well, I have different beliefs as an adult.  Don’t get me wrong the six years I spent in Catholic school were the best.  I remember the sticky rice and thick bread we had for lunch.  Oh and lets not forget the bagged milk.  Ahhh the memories.

I loved the nuns and singing in Church.  I loved the togetherness I felt going there but I don’t actually recall obsorbing much knowledge about God and the bible except that most of what I did would probably land me in hell one day.  I knew I was a sinner so it was just something I accepted.

I spent several years of my young life in Church two and three times a week.  I have fulfilled my Church going for a life time, in my opinion.  I do not look down at people who believe in the bible or going to Church.   Our beliefs are our own and each person’s belief is their truth.  There are so many different ways to worship.  There is no right one.  They are all right.

If I could explain my views on God to my family I would say, to me, God is everything.  God is the universe and when I speak of the Universe I speak of God.  God lives within us all and to worship God, to me is to worship myself.  I personally do not believe that God can be contained in the skin of man.  I believe that deity was created because most people need to have something physical to focus on.  It is a representation of what God is but not who He is.  As far as the bible is concerned it was written by man, so I have my doubts there.   And frankly, my God is a loving God.  A lot of the stories in the bible just do not represent what God is to me.

God is the all seeing, all knowing force that created the world.  God is the trees just before winter as they die and those same trees as they find life again in the spring.  God is inanimate and ever moving.  God is the life force within us all and that which connects us all.  God is indescribable.

Just know this, everything is life is based on reciprocity.  Whatever you give you get.  If you want to worship the Universe/God do right by yourself and all the people you come in contact with.  Be responsible for the vibration you give off to the world.  Love is the creation of all things so just love your way through life and you cant go wrong.

So in conclusion, I would say to my family.  I know we don’t see eye to eye on this subject but we are all about love, so lets just agree that we are different and love each other, be a family and move forward.  No judgments on either side.  🙂

Looking Back

Published January 15, 2015 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

“Look back upon your life and ask: What up to now have you truly loved, what has raised your soul, what ruled it and at the same time made you happy? Line up these objects of reverence before you, and see how they form a ladder on which you have so far climbed up toward your true self.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

  • Getting to know me on a deep level has raised my soul and at the same time has made me happy. It is a passion of mine to get to know me layer by layer.
  • Meditation is something I truly love and has also raised my soul and helped me to find my internal bliss.
  • Helping people by listening to their problems without adding my opinions.
  • Blogging raises my soul and makes me feel fulfilled. I only wish I had more to write about.  Topics that will truly benefit my readers.
  • Being in my home in the peace and contentedness of my sanctuary makes me feel close to my soul. A connection between the human that I am and the being.
  • I love working with numbers. Working in the office I am at right now makes me feel happy and content.
  • I love to cook healthy meals. Nutritionally sound meals.  Love myself meals.
  • I love music. Its strikes me deep in my soul.
  • I love writing. I journal write daily as a means to sort out my thoughts and to gain insight into myself.
  • I love increasing my spiritual growth aka: growing in self-awareness
  • I love living a positive life, a life of surrender and flexibility.
  • I love walking in nature on a warm summer’s day

Five Compents to a Happy, Healthy MIchele

Published December 8, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

I have identified five components needed to maintain a happy, healthy, balanced life.

  • Proper Nutrition
  • Body Movement
  • Sleep
  • Hydration
  • Meditation

So that is it.  Simple and easy to follow.  I am not obsessive about exercise but I recognize the need my body has to move.  Therefore, I simply dance thirty minutes in the morning and again in the evening.  It’s not asking a lot of myself.

I am sure to get between seven and eight hours of sleep each night.  I drink a minimum of seventy-four ounces of water each day, and I am sure to eat nutrient rich roods, which allows me to keep my energy level on high and mind clear and focused.

Finally, I take twenty minutes each day to meditate.  This allows my mind to widen the gap between my thoughts, which gives me the gift of freedom.

Yesterday while journal writing an instantaneous thought came forward that asked “how will you continue to live this way?  How will you ever live a normal life having to follow all of these components?”  My answer to this nonsensical thought is; only when I am following these components am I truly living.


From The Seat of the Soul

Published October 21, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

This week I am reading the 25th Anniversary edition of The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zucav.  I am about a quarter of the way through the book and I have to say, Wow.  This could not have come at a better time for me.  Being that I believe everything happens for a reason, I am not surprised that it did come.  That been said, I have noticed lately that my personality really wants to cry and throw a fit because I have not gotten the approval to get weight-loss surgery.  I can clearly observe the “why me’s” and the pissing and moaning because this didn’t go my way.

sots-25th-ad-homepage-availableThe observer of this nonsense is my soul.  It is in my soul that I believe everything happens for a reason and that we are all on our own path that can and will be guided through messages from the universe, God, and our intuition, if we allow it.  I believe that we have many guiding forces behind us that will lead us to our best selves listen and follow.  As human beings we have free will to make our choices.  We will either choose doubt and fear or Light and wisdom.

Gary explains that decisions that we make will either support the soul or the personality.  The personality is where doubt and fear reside and the soul is, of course, is where Light and wisdom reside.  This made a whole lot of sense to me since a lot of my bad decisions have to do with food choices.  I am an emotional eater, therefore I am 100% choosing doubt and fear.  I am going to be on the look out for this and work to make my choices in support of my soul.

Thankfully I meditate and have made the conscious decision to live a fully conscious life these choices and decisions will be made with much more ease.  I am not praying to get approval any longer.  I am praying for the right out come.  Whatever that is I will accept it knowing that it is the right thing for me.  I will not force or even speak of it.  I am ready to surrender this one to God and move forward.  I have put my personality on notice, the whining, pissing and moaning is over.  I have joyous life to live.   🙂

With love and Light




Another Aha Moment

Published October 1, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

I realized this morning that my quest for consciousness is something I must consciously do.  I actually have to put thought behind it and be ultra aware of my thoughts.  Slowly but surely I have evolved from a deeply unconscious person to a person that is now self-aware and I did it by setting my intentions on it.

I am now aware of the thoughts that are occurring in the background of my life.  The thoughts that can and will cause deep bouts of depression if left uncensored.  I imagine that most of my old conditioned thinking is a build up of many, many past situations and challenges, and my perception of them.  Life changed dramatically when I first heard that I didn’t have to believe or follow every thought.  That thoughts are the ego’s way of taking care of us in it’s own destructive, sometimes abusive way.

Hearing that simple statement from, I believe, Eckhart Tolle, created a separation between thought and awareness for me.  It became the opening I needed to change my life.  Slowly but surely I would hear a negative thought come into my mind.  I was aghast at the mean things I was telling myself.  I also came to realize it was all lies.  It is absolutely clear to me today why I was so depressed.  Why wouldn’t I be, considering I was living with a constant badgering so harsh I wouldn’t dare speak the words out loud.

Anyway, my point is, if I don’t get up each and every day, meditate and set my intentions, I will once again be sucked into life’s craziness.  Without even realizing it, I could become unconscious once again.  I have been there and done that, no thank you.  I am taking back my life.

So today I intend on embracing the uncertainty.  I am excited at all the new adventures that will come before me.  I intend to be conscious enough to see the signs of the universe or God.  To be aware enough to notice the synchronistic moments that will happen today every day.

I am going to continue to use positive affirms because when we have desires and intentions the universe rises up to help us realize them.

Excited for the Possibilities

Published June 3, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

I felt drawn to this tree yesterday on my walk

I trust in you, God.  I know that you can do leaps and bounds over what I can do.  I am only to be present and excited for what the future holds.  Do I know what that means or what I will be doing?  No…  I am completely uncertain as to where my path is going to take me, but I can say this, I trust it will be amazing.  I will not manipulate it in any way.  I am simply to be observant and still.  I am to build a bridge between the Human that I am and the Being that I am.

Contrary to my ego’s belief that “it’s just to hard”, I know that it is not hard.  It is different.  It is living purposefully.  Yesterday, was the first day that I made it my intention and purpose to be aware of the observer in me.  By having this connection I was able to keep my mind from running away with itself.  I was able to keep that sense of deep inner peace with me while I performed my responsibilities of the day.

Being that yesterday was the end of the month at the office, it was extremely hectic.  I found that two or three times during the day a feeling of stress began to rise within me, but being that I was connected to the spirit in me I was able to let those moments pass.  It took less than a minute to feel, it recognize it, and shift away from it.  LESS THAN A MINUTE!!  This from a girl who was chronically stressed for most of her life.  A girl who would let some small challenge leave her reeling out of control for weeks.

The cross I found while walking to work

The cross I found while walking to work

I also found myself needing less food.  I didn’t think about it.  Being present seemed to curb my appetite which I had a feeling it would.  I mean I am self-aware enough to recognize that I eat for other reasons beside being hungry.  I am an emotional eater as well as an empathetic eater, meaning I will eat my feelings and yours too.

Last night before bed I had no thoughts of eating until I heard my ego pipe up and say; You haven’t had much food today, you are going to be hungry in the night.  Again being that I was so in touch with the God within me I was able to calmly dismiss it as a judgement.  Something I am working to take out of my life.  I took a deep breath and returned to that place of peace, and you know what?  I didn’t get hungry in the night ☺  Surprise…  My ego was wrong….

I woke feeling alive and excited for what today is going to bring.  I am excited for the possibilities.  ♥

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