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What Does it Mean to Wake Up?

Published April 11, 2015 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

What does waking up mean?  Waking up means to  be aware of the observer within you.  When we awaken we can see a clear separation between our thoughts the one who is observing those thoughts.  The awareness behind those thoughts is our soul.  It is our inner genius.  It is in this place that all things are possible.

quote-what-a-liberation-to-realize-that-the-voice-in-my-head-is-not-who-i-am-who-am-i-then-the-one-who-eckhart-tolle-273186We are only limited in our beliefs of ourselves, but the truth is we are without limitations.  It is when we come in connect with the all-knowing part of ourselves that infinite possibilities arise.  We are not limited by education, intelligence or creativity.  We are limited only by what we think we can or cannot achieve.  We are limited only by what we tell ourselves.

Even though most awakenings happen during times of despair and suffering, we don’t have to wait for circumstances like those to align to wake up.  You can do this simply by meditating.  Start out with ten minutes a day, first thing in the morning.  The purpose of meditating is to stretch the space between the thoughts.  It is not to stop the thoughts completely which is impossible.

Some people find it hard to get into the grove of meditating.  I personally do not function at my highest level without a daily meditation practice.  I find it is easy to get sucked back into the drama of every day life without my daily meditation practice.  Meditation helps to keep us in that space of all-knowing, it helps to ground us and it brings about a state of such peace.

Don’t take my word for it.  Take ten minutes a day and clear your mind.  Start in the shower if a formal mediation session is too much for you right now.  Simply take your shower and pay attention the way the water feels as it runs down your body.  Pay attention the smell of the steam and the feel of the soap as it lathers up between your fingers.

Use a mantra if you need to.  A mantra will help you to come back to the present moment when the thoughts float in and they will float in.  We cannot stop the thoughts, only slow them down.  A mantra can be something as simple as So Hum, or I Am.  Once you choose the mantra that best suits you, take a slow deep breath in, silently repeating the first word and exhale on the second.  For example inhale on So and exhale on Hum, repeating this for as long as you feel comfortable.25296_1358241557.5086

Once you become comfortable with that, maybe add a couple of minutes a week until you reach twenty minutes a day.  I know that many people have a block against mediation, if that is you, then you can do several one minute meditations throughout the day.  I like to do this when I use the restroom.  I find it easier to remember to practice my mindful, minute meditations if I link it up with something I do more than once throughout the day.

So there you have it folks.  That is what waking up means to me.  Please feel free to stop by my Facebook page, Waking Up in Northern NY.  I am hoping to get some dialogue going on the subject.  It is a subject that is near and dear to me.  I am looking forward to growing and expanding through the collaboration I get from you brilliant people.  So stop by and say hello.  I am looking forward to meeting you.

With much Love and Light



Transformation Facebook

Published April 10, 2015 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Recently it has become really important for me to find people who are on a similar path as I am.  I have actually considered moving to an area of the world that supports my beliefs, spiritually.  However, I have come to understand that it may be important for me to build a foundation where I am.

That been said, this morning I changed the name of my Facebook page that corresponds to my blog to Waking Up in Northern NY.  It would be completely amazing to find a group of like-minded people in my area but of course all are welcome.  Having a Facebook page will allow us to communicate, ask questions and contemplate the important things in life.

Stop in and say hello.  I am looking forward to creating an atmosphere of complete loving kindness.  One of complete openness and acceptance for everyone.  I am learning and exploring myself from the inside out, so I have a lot to learn.  There is strength in numbers.  Lets do this together.

Three Months Post Op

Published March 2, 2015 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

I just wanted to post a quick update.  It’s a little over three months since my surgery and I am doing fabulously.  I am happier than, I think I have ever been.

I hope everyone out there is feeling good and living life slowly and purposefully.  There is no better way.

Five Compents to a Happy, Healthy MIchele

Published December 8, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

I have identified five components needed to maintain a happy, healthy, balanced life.

  • Proper Nutrition
  • Body Movement
  • Sleep
  • Hydration
  • Meditation

So that is it.  Simple and easy to follow.  I am not obsessive about exercise but I recognize the need my body has to move.  Therefore, I simply dance thirty minutes in the morning and again in the evening.  It’s not asking a lot of myself.

I am sure to get between seven and eight hours of sleep each night.  I drink a minimum of seventy-four ounces of water each day, and I am sure to eat nutrient rich roods, which allows me to keep my energy level on high and mind clear and focused.

Finally, I take twenty minutes each day to meditate.  This allows my mind to widen the gap between my thoughts, which gives me the gift of freedom.

Yesterday while journal writing an instantaneous thought came forward that asked “how will you continue to live this way?  How will you ever live a normal life having to follow all of these components?”  My answer to this nonsensical thought is; only when I am following these components am I truly living.


What did Gastric Bypass do for Me?

Published December 5, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

What did Gastric bypass do for me?

  1. Rid my body of sugar once and for all
  2. Severed the grip from unhealthy carbohydrates and processed foods
  3. Requires that I chew each and every bit thoroughly
  4. Requires that I eat much, much slower
  5. Cut my food intake to four small meals a day
  6. Made protein a number one food source

I have to say, all in all, I feel as though having this surgery took me back to exactly what I was doing for most of 2013 when I lost nearly a hundred pounds.  Those first ten months of 2013 were that happiest months of my life.  Why?  Because I was eating and drinking and moving my body to support a balanced lifestyle.

It wasn’t until I thought it would be ok to have a glass of wine and an occasional sweet sugary treat that I lost my momentum.  I have learned greatly from this.  I will no longer drink and allow white sugar or processed foods to pass my lips.  It’s not worth it.  I find having lots of energy and a focused mind much more attractive than a stinking glass of wine or some silly “treat” that will only wreak havoc on my mind and body.

I am so glad I had the surgery and look forward to living a balanced, centered life.

All is well in this girl’s world.

I hope everyone reading this is equally as happy and blessed in everything and every day of their lives.


RNY Surgery Tomorrow

Published November 18, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

One day left before I head to Saranac for my surgery.  I am feeling pretty good about it.  I believe my emotional behavior this past week was due to sugar and carb withdrawal because it’s all gone.  I am back to my peaceful self once again.  I can’t wait to update everyone on how it went.  I am going to be sure to walk walk walk and sip sip sip.  My only job the next few days is to listen to the nurses and do as they ask.

When I return home my job is to get in all of my fluids and work my way up to the proper amount of protein while I continue to walk walk walk.  Onward and upward, my friends.

Be blessed



Pro-op Appointment complete, God Help Me

Published November 14, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Yesterday was my pre-op appointment.  It all seems so real now. I feel a little emotional.  I have to ask myself if I am ready?  Am I strong enough?  I know that I am usually pretty successful in most things that I do, but I haven’t had surgery in almost thirty years and I’m scared.  At the same time it feels really right.  I don’t know if that makes any sense or not, but I have to admit I am not making much sense to myself at this point.

Intellectually I know that I am ready.  I have been living mostly healthy for almost two years now.  I have been exercising and making better decisions where my health is concerned.  I know I deserve to know what it feels like to finally live in a body that is a healthy weight for me but this is kind of drastic.  I believe I couldn’t be in better hands than with the folks at the Adirondack Medical Center, and I also am very lucky to have the support of an amazing family.

I have four days left not counting today.  God is with me.  I know I will be just fine but the tears keep coming. Why do I cry?  I am not really sure.  Am I losing my mind?  Is this normal?  Am I going to be a basket case until they wheel me away? I believe that if we ask we shall receive, therefore, I ask you, God, help me find peace with this.

Rebirth Date: November 19th

Published October 25, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

I finally got my surgery date, it is the 19th of November.  I simply cannot wait to get this under way.  I start my shakes/liquid pre-op diet on the 10th.  This may sound strange to some, but I am looking forward to beginning the pre-operative stage of my journey.

My intentions throughout this whole ordeal is to stick to the doctors orders 100%.  I am going to give this my all and when I am at a comfortable weight I am going to get involved in some 5k’s and either start a dance class or join one.

I want to be active, healthy and maintain a healthy weight for the rest of my life.  I do not intend on blowing this gift.  I am ready to get healthy and stay that way.  🙂

With Love and Light


Come on Next Chapter, Open Up for Me…

Published October 8, 2014 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

I woke this morning with a grateful heart.  I am not sure why but I will take it.  Yesterday, I was easily irritated.  By the end of the day I was annoyed with everything and everyone.  So, to wake up this morning feeling the complete opposite is kind of interesting.  I actually giggled a little at the fact that my mind was being riddled with joy and loving thoughts for everything and everyone upon waking.chapel05

I’m not complaining by any means.  I am going to revel in it and stay conscious so I can maintain it.  I am in the waiting stage to find out if I am going to get an approval for the RNY.  These few days have been the hardest, I think.  I have to keep reminding myself that when the time is right I will get my answer, and that works a lot of the time but there are times when I have allowed my egoic mind to take over and cause me to become anxious, and do something I find completely worthless, worry.

Thank goodness I am able to make the shift pretty easily, once I realize I am blocked.  I mean a day is better than a month, right?  Sometimes realizing I’m blocked takes some time.  I can only imagine that the more conscious I become the easier it will be to recognize when I am unconscious.  I heard Oprah explain that those that live unconsciously are the walking dead.

imagesWhat an interesting way to put it.  I couldn’t agree more.  If I am not living in the present, I am not living.  If I am not living in the present, I am living in the anxiety of the future or the stress of the past.  Since life only exist in the now, that is where I choose to live.  I intend to continue to meditate and hone my self-awareness to the point that I will know the minute I become blocked, and am able to make the shift and become contented and at peace once again.

Today is the third day that the insurance has been reviewing my surgery packet so I am getting close.  Thankfully, I have amazing insurance and they promised to have the answer within three days.  Woot Woot!  Come on next chapter, open up for me.  I am ready!!

My question to the universe today is; What do I have to do to get a surgery date?

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