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December 21, 2013 ♥Saturday♥

Published December 21, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Well, I’m working from home today due to the big storm.  I have been up since five this morning and it has been non-stop sleeting for the past two hours.  I am sitting here wondering how I am supposed to get my boys to work today.  It’s pretty scary.  I know I ma not planning on going out.  Not even to go see my mother.  I just can’t do it.  I am going to finish up my reconciling and then move on to cleaning my house and constructing my “Operation Size 12” vision board.  It is going to be a nice quiet, warm day in the house.

Unfortunately it looks like I am not going to get my mom the ingredients for her world-famous stuffing.  I wished to have her make it for me this year because it has been so many years since I have had it, and I thought it would be the perfect touch to my Christmas dinner.  Oh well if I can’t get it to her I will have her make it with me using FaceTime on my new iPhone that my bosses got me.  Yes, I know I am spoiled, and I love it.  It is the best piece of electronics I have ever owned.  It’s my new favorite toy.

Anyway, I am just about finished with my work.  Both of my kitties are sleeping so peacefully.  One on each rocking chair. They are the epitome of what is right with the world.  I love to watch them sleep.  They are what love it.  🙂


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