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What’s My Vibrational Problem?

Published April 13, 2015 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

I got up this morning feeling all blah and icky.  This is totally unlike me.  I love getting up in the morning.  It doesn’t matter if it’s Monday or Friday.  I love all of the days of the week.  I love going to work, I love coming home and I love everything in between.  I know what you must be thinking.  “oh my gosh, puke, this girl can’t be that happy.”  But the truth is, I am.


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So when I wake up feeling anything other than the happiness I normally feel, I immediately take to my journal to write out all the thoughts, and emotions that come up when I inquire; What do I need to know right now?  Why am I feeling vibrationally off this morning?  And what came through the pen were a few different things.

First, I wrote how my secretary, my partner, is on vacation and I will have to be alone and do all the work this week.  Then I wrote that I am just coming off of a weekend where I ate more than I should have.  And finally I wrote how I am two days from starting my period.  Bingo!!  That’s the one.

I knew right away that the PMS was the culprit.  I know how I get just before my period.  I can be grumpy, crave foods I shouldn’t be eating, and have zero energy.  Now that I am aware of the elephant in the room, so to speak, I can take measures to be sure that I stay stress free.  How do I do this?  It’s simple.  I always come back to my breath.

I will be doing many one-minute meditations for the next couple of days.  I read somewhere that it is impossible to become stressed if you a responsible breather.  By that I mean make sure you are getting several deep breaths throughout the day.  The body needs the oxygen and your stress levels will go way down, which incidentally is why we all have belly fat.

That been said I will end this blog post with a few intentions to start my day.  I like to set my intentions and desires for each day as well as those for my future pursuits.  It’s a great practice to get into, since it is from our intentions and desires that creation is born.  So here it goes!

  • I intend on walking to and from work today.  I am going to take the thirty minutes it takes to get there and back to become grounded and centered.  I am going to do a walking meditation.
  • I intend on working at a relaxing pace all the while having plenty of time to complete every task.
  • Finally I intend on doing all of this by being present.  I will be one with the present moment so that I will be open and receptive to the guidance from my spiritual advisers.

What are your intentions and desires for today?

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PMS? I Don’t Like You!

Published January 9, 2012 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

Ok so, physically I am feeling pretty amazing.  I am actually walking faster and with a lot more bounce.   Mentally, well, that is another matter entirely.  I am definitely having some PMS  issues.  My mother thinks that is an excuse to be bitchy, but I am telling you, it’s not.  I am normally pretty upbeat and happy.  When I get pissed for something as silly as dropping my pen, I know there is a problem.

So, as always, I took to my friend, the internet, to see if there is anything I can do to ease it up a little.  I don’t want to let my stupid period sabotage my efforts to be healthy and fit.  I came across an article on eHow which I love a lot, that states that I should try relaxation techniques such as a massage or meditation.  Since I am at work, neither of those will work.  However, I often do deep breathing exercises to calm stress.  So, deep breathing it shall be.  It also says to exercise more, drink less caffeine, and more water.  Got it.  I will do a little extra workout on my lunch.

Damn period, however when you think of the alternative, I guess a little grumpiness is ok.  Hahaha!

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