It’s Time to Move On

Published July 30, 2013 by Stuff My Brain Thinks

imagesIt became apparent to me yesterday that I didn’t actually have a “goal” as far as weight or size goes.  My goal has always been to improve my quality of life, which I did, but now I realize that I am very close to being the size twelve I have always wanted to be.  It became clear yesterday that I was carrying around some serious blocks hindering my progress.  When I started to explore my thoughts and feelings about being the size I am vs. being the size I want to be.  I decided it was time to get over it and know that I do have what it takes to be a size twelve.  I also deserve it.  I can and will be it.

So, I went online to find some new additions for my dream board.  I have known for a while that it was time to update it to reflect the me of today.  Therefore, I added a picture of a girl jumping in the air with excitement with the caption “size 12”.  I also added the words “You can be a size 12” in bold letters.  Today I will look for more pictures that inspire me.  I have complete faith in the dream board.  I have been using mine for a couple of years now and it has manifested things rather quickly, so I am ready for a break through.  🙂

I have clearly stated my intention and desire, now I will let it come to me.  I have completely detached myself from the outcome and I will let it happen naturally.  I will not force it, nor will I resist anything.  I am simply going to relax and allow my intuition guide me to it.

Feeling inspired!

12 comments on “It’s Time to Move On

  • YAY! I may join you on this journey very soon. It’s all getting away from me again. I haven’t been a size 12 since I was 12. Just kidding, BUTTTTTTTTT it has been a very long time. 😦 I usually get down to a 14 and stall. Right now I am 3 sizes north of that.

  • I recently was forced to lose some weight and therefore applaud your goal of getting to size twelve. Is it easy. Hell no! But from someone who took off one hundred pounds I can make some suggestions. One: cut down on salt. Go low salt on everything. It will automatically cut down on your need for fluids and you will lose weight by losing water. Two: avoid sodas, they have to much salt in them. The sugar is bad enough and carbonated liquid is really bad for you. By the way diet soda is just as bad. Three; and i will be off my soapbox. Walk. It is good exercise and you will breathe in fresh air and above all it is free. Good luck. A fellow loser of unwanted cells. Barry

  • Congratulations, as you know, you can do anything you set your mind to! A gentle reminder that it’s not the vision board, it’s you who does the work and are capable so please have faith in you. I do.

  • Congratulations for all that you have achieved! I use this affirmation: ‘I have a beautiful, strong and healthy body.’ I remind myself of this all the time and the meanings of the words help to guide my food choices. I read a book recently called Eat To Live which helped me understand nutrition a lot better. Remember, you are beautiful today, your beauty is not someplace in the future, it’s here and it’s now. xx

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